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About msquared

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Welcome to msquared! Marcell and I decided to start a joint blog for us to work on together.  It should be an interesting project as we won’t be together for a while having different work commitments for the next few months.  Just one of the joys of international work and travel.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with our friends and family and hopefully we will be able to keep posting on a regular basis.

Till later


Family Expands

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Our family doubled a few weeks ago.
We welcome Boomer and Bear to our home.
Adopted from the local SPCA through a good friend.
Their mothers were cats and their fathers were cats.
A beautiful mix of black, gray and white fur.
We hope the joy and laughter they give us is felt by them too.

Roadies for a day

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It was an early morning as we arrived with coffees in hand. Started out with a few tables, chairs and tents until the audio techs required help. We were roadies for the rest of the afternoon. Went for a walk along commercial drive, saw some interesting sights and heard the vuvuzellas. Came back to the park and sat down on the grass and enjoyed some comics,music and the funny hosts. Could have fallen asleep on the grass under the sun. Check out the Gallery for more pics.

Wheel to Heal 2010

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Hi All

So I have been terrible…  it has been 2 weeks since the race and I am finally going to talk about it.  Not that it went badly..  in fact it went very well.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!   What a lot of fun.  I had hoped to finished the 40 km race between 2 and 2 and a half hours, considering my training was fairly light.   7 weeks earlier when I started training, I did 20 kms in 2 hours 20 minutes.   My unofficial time was 1:57:27,  a full 30 minutes less than I had hoped.
The course was great and the weather perfect. We all got off to a great start with everyone behaving well and no jostling which is always good.  Unfortunately 1 rider just ahead of me at the first gravel turn lost control and fell.  After that though, never saw anything untoward again.

Marcell managed to catch me every now and then, although he missed the first checkpoint due to a wrong turn.  Hence the photos.  His videos are more extensive and will post them as well later, once edited together.  He was complaining though that I am not gesturing or responsive – of course most of the time, any response would probably not be more than heavy breathing.
The hardest part was absolutely the last 15 minutes.  Up David Avenue to the top corner was indeed the hardest part of the entire race, but I did it.  It felt great to finish and afterwards, they had laid out a spread of fresh fruit, yoghurts, drinks, hot dogs, you name it.

A great wrap to finish the race.  Lisa and Alan came to the finish to cheer me on,  and I missed Lisa M who was jogging along the path..  Sorry Lisa…
A huge thank you to all my supporters,  the money you helped raise is going to a great cause here in the Tri-Cities.
Will be doing some more again soon…    Anyone interested in the Mud Run Ride in August?


Just about time

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Hi All

With only 2 days left before the 2010 Wheel to Heal, its almost over to get some karma points and sponsor me.

Time is almost up.. and I am so close to my target… And in case you are wondering, yes, I will probably do it again next year, as well as the Ride to Conquer Cancer which is a two day event from Vancouver to Seattle.

Will make sure that Mick takes some photos on Sunday to post them!



Project Fit – Week 6

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And the week of the race finally arrives… With 6 days left to the 40 km ride, its all systems go. I successfully completed my three rides of 30+ kms last week, and was planning on taking it easy with short relaxing rides this week. Seems its going to have to be more than just relaxing…

My bike developed an annoying creak, which is most likely caused by a crushed bearing in the handle bar joint. So it is going in for emergency surgery tomorrow afternoon to be collected on Thursday evening. Not a happy day… but at least they assure me it will be well enough to ride on Saturday…

Otherwise I am all ready for the race and really looking forward to it. I really hope that plenty of people turn out on Saturday to support the riders and the event. For those wondering where a great place to catch the action is, the Start/Finish at David and Pinetree, and the intersection of Creek and Victoria, as both locations we pass by twice. Here is a link to the map if you want to pick your own spot.

Remember, you can also go and sponsor me here! Go on, its good for your Karma…

Project Fit – Week 5

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Ok so last week was a bit of a slow week for me.. however I did manage to complete the 40 km route for the Wheel to Heal in just over 2 hours 30 minutes. And by the end, I thought I was never going to get finished. The last 5 kms felt like they were the last 50. So this week I have set a target to complete 4 rides over 30 kms. With good weather from this afternoon till the weekend that should be easy, and then next week to just do some short rides to get saddle time.

I have less than 2 weeks left to prepare, not that I can do much growth in 2 weeks, but at least get the stamina up.

So now we get to the important part… we need riders! So if you are in the Vancouver area and want to do something fun and improve your karma, sign up for the Wheel to Heal. There is a 10 km, 40 km and 80 km – your choice and no judgements on it. Its all for a good cause.. This all benefits the Eagle Ridge hospital which serves the Tri-Cities community.

Oh and for those that are far away, and can’t ride – you can still do some good…. Sponsor me 😀


Project Fit – Week 4

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So I am keeping up the cycling, which is good, especially as they published the route map for the Wheel to Heal next month. We will let everyone know where to come cheer me on closer to the time.

The last week I have completed 3 rides, a 20 km, 31.5 km and a 26.5 km. Now I can start ramping up to the 40 km distance. With only 19 days to go, training time is getting short. The good news is that I am seeing improvement. Despite the very heavy head winds along the Pitt River section today, I had my fastest average speed of 15.28 km/h across the 26.5 km route.

I have been very lucky to have some very generous friends, so here is a shout out to Alan & Lisa and Bill & Barry for their sponsorships. I am now more than half way to my target. Would love to exceed it too 😀 So for the rest of you, go here… do some good… Karma time…

Further to my comments about the Poco Trail in my last post, it is good to note that a section has been opened through the First Nation land to complete the circuit from Colony Farm to Red Bridge. Thanks to all parties concerned with making this happen.

So the next few days are not looking too good weather wise.. most likely rain till Friday, but then the sun should be out for the weekend! Woohoo!



Spring Time

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A very nice weekend to start the spring season.

The patio is taking shape. Martin laid the wood decking

and it made quite a difference. The umbrella is out and up

keeping the light drizzle off the chairs, table and deck.

A few more items to aquire and our outside oasis will be complete !

Friends dropped by for a much needed visit. Home made sushi …. mmmmm thxs Cyndi

I swear the weekends get shorter every year

as it is already monday and there are daily chores in the que …ugh

The NHL playoffs are in full swing, round 1 and the teams are mostly tied.

Hoping that everyone stuck in an airport, hotel or other

has a good book or wall plug for power during the volcano ash air flight disruption.


Project Fit – Week 3

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Ok, So I have now completed two long rides in the last week. Mick and I did a 22.7 km ride on Saturday along most of the PoCo trail, with a stop at the Gillnetter – it was a beautiful day although a bit chilly in the wind when not riding. It was certainly good to get out and ride together.

This morning I did my second ride of 31.6 km. Let me just say that if the 40 km ride on May 16 includes David Avenue, it is going to be a rough one! However, I did manage to ride all the way up David Ave without stopping, so that is already a major achievement.

As I am cycling the area more and more, the one thing that is definitely needing to be addressed is the PoCo trail between Colony Farm and Red Bridge. Really, it has been almost 3 years since it has been closed, and no progress has been made on getting the trail repaired or relocated? I realize that this part of the trail is under the control of both Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, but is there any need to drag something like a bike trail repair out for so many years?

Anyway, till I catch up with you all later


Project Fit – Week 2

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Ok, so the first week didn’t go as well as I would have hoped.. Only managed 3 days of solid exercise. But was back on the bike again today, and managed to get a full hour on it without dying.

Hopefully in the next day or so, with the sun coming out, I will be able to get on to the road and do a couple more hours. With only 38 days to go, its getting tight.

Thanks to Lisa for donating towards my fund raising effort. It is much appreciated. With so many friends, I should be able to make much more than my target. Yes I am challenging you all!

Click here!



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